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Meet Paul Thibault – Owner of Thibault Builders

To my mind, WHO we are is more about how we’re going to show up for YOU  rather than, ‘look at what we did for someone else.’ I could tell you about projects we’ve done, how many years we’ve been in business, or how happy our clients are. However, at the end of the day, until you’re happy with the job we do for you, that other stuff is just words on a page.

We do quality work. We stick to our timelines. You can trust that our team will deliver as promised. You will find that it’s not what you expected… it’s more!

I get the most satisfaction when a client has reached a certain level of comfort with us. When the client sees that we’re fully transparent and that we actually live up to the standard of workmanship that we’ve pledged to deliver – it clicks. When a new client gets to the point that they FEEL that they’re in good hands, something really great happens. No longer is it just about their close friend who referred us or that random person that said they should looks us up. Now THEY get it. First-hand. THAT is what I work for – every single day. It’s good stuff.

One of the secrets to our success is that, at some point in my career, I have done each and every job involved in a custom home build. Quite literally, I know what it takes. I know specifically, what could trip-up a project and what can be done in advance to insure those potential issues never happen. This hands-on experience and solution-based creativity only comes from decades on the job. And it yields a certain type of magic – projects are 110% perfect. Not because we somehow strive to make that happen. its because 110% is the by-product of doing things the way we do them.

It is about having the imagination to see possibility, realizing your vision, and ultimately, creating a home with enduring value.

I love what I do and have a genuine appreciation for our phenomenal team and for the faith our clients have in us. We make the impossible happen and expect to find the win-win solution to everything. If you have a project in mind or are curious about how we work – please be in touch. Our extensive knowledge, insightful ideas, and passion for building, have always proven to be an unbeatable combination.

At Thibault Builders, we are good people who love working with good people. Together, we build great homes!